Publications in scientific editions in 2012 year

“Scientific Israel - Technological Advantages”

VOL.14, №1, 2012

Voropaeva N., Figovsky O., Ibraliu A, Shehu I. , Kadiasi N., Varlamov V., Karpachev V. Research of processing pre-sowing seeds by nanochips and study the effects of nanotechnology on growth, development and crop capacity, р. 98-102

Voropaeva N., Figovsky O., Varlamov V., Karpachev V. Innovative technologies for application of promising macro- and microfertilizers together with novel (nano) materials, р. 103-105

A.H.Jusupov, N.L.Voropaeva, V.V.Karpachev. "Moth is the pest of the apple-tree", р. 141-144


"Bulletin of the Moscow State Forest University - Forest Bulletin", №7 (90) 2012

Voropaeva N.L., Ibralio A. , Figovsky O.L., Kadiasi N. ,Varlamov V.P., Karpachev V.V. Regulation of growth, development and productivity of plants by oligochitosan as a part of multifunctional nanochips using nanotechnology. pp.32-36, p.s.r - 0.23


Peer-reviewed journal
“Agricultural science”

№ 5, Moscow, OOO "Vic - Chernozemjie"

Lyczkowskaya I.Y., Nikolaev A.M. "Trophic relations of semi-Coleoptera insects feeding on rape", pp.11-12, p.s.r - 0.22


Critical review. Scientific and technical bulletin of FSBSI "ARI OC by V.S. PUSTOVOIT"

Issue # 2 (148-149), p. 201, LLC "MS Centrum", Krasnodar, 2011

Karpachev V.V. "Priorities for selection of summer rape in a changing climate", pp. 57-61, p.s.r - 0.52