Publications in scientific editions in 2011 year

  • Reports of the RAAS. Scientific-theoretical magazine, № 6, 2010

    Satina T.G., Aniskina J.V., Karpachev V.V., Kharchenko P.N., Shilov I.A . "Genetic analysis of the homogeneity of varieties and hybrids and control canola over hybrid inheritance of the genetic materials of the parental forms," pp. 15-19, p.s.r. - 0.5

  • Scientific bulletin of Oil crops institute of NAAS, Issue 15, Zaporozhye, Ukraine

    Artamonov A.A., Kuznetsova M.E. "Changing of the biochemical composition of spring rape seeds as a result of selection on Fusarium resistance", pp. 27-31, p.s.r. - 0.24

  • Scientific and methodological notes "Reserve management and studies", issue 14, Voronezh, 2010

    Artamonov A.A. "On the question of the protection of Khrenovoe steppe and Potentilla pimpinelloides (Rosaceae) in Voronezh region", pp. 140-144, p.s.r. - 0.26

  • Magazine "Corn and Sorghum», № 1, Moscow, 2011

    Slukin A.S. "The dependence of the efficiency of sorghum mixtures with the high-protein crops on sowing method", pp. 6-9, p.s.r. - 0.20

  • Albanian agricultural magazine, Albania, Tirana: Tirana, 2011

    Voropaeva N., Ibraliy A. , Figovsky O., Kadiasi N., Varlamov V., Karpachev V. “Plant growth, development and production regulation by oligochitosan as a part of polyfunctional (nano) chips with the help of nanotechnology”. R.1-6. p.s.r. - 0.19

  • Magazine "Fodder production”, №5, Moscow, is.NPO "MODEK" 2011

    Bolotova N.S. "The extruded rape and barley in the diet of young cattle", p.45, p.s.r - 0.10