Spring rape "Lipetsk"

For the conditions of different regions of Russia a high-yielding mid ripening variety has been created, it combines high productivity with high quality seeds and a strong resistance to the main diseases. Since 1994 it has been included in the State Register of protected varieties (RF patent number 0287), approved for production.

Variety pedigree: The variety has been obtained by individual selection of “Consul” variety (Sweden).

Botanical characteristics. The bush is half-dense, the plant stem height is of 92-100 cm . The stem is dark green, no anthocyanin, slight and downiness. The height of the lower branch attachment is 30-58 cm. The average number of branches of the first order is 4. The leaves are dark green, oval, smooth. The flowers are golden yellow. The pods are without anthocyanin, downy, the pod parts are mid-grumous. The seeds are round, black. 1000 seeds weight is 3,2-5,0 g.

Biological features. The variety is mid-ripening, the vegetation period to seed maturation is 80-130 days. ). It is resistant to lodging and seed shattering at the level of standard. The susceptible to Peronosporosis and Alternaria is below the average.

Competitiveness. Due to its high productivity and its high seed quality, variety “Lipetsk” is quite competitive in the North, Central Black Earth, Volga-Vyatka, Middle Volga, Urals, West Siberian and East Siberian regions of Russia, where this variety has been added to the State Register and approved for the use in production.

Main advantages. The variety ensures high yield and high oil and meal quality. It is suitable for mechanical harvesting. It recommended for cultivation for seeds and for feed purposes.

The average seed yield is 1.3-1.6 t / ha, which is 0.1-0.3 t / ha higher than the standards. The maximum seed yield of 3.8 t / ha was obtained in 1991 by Arsk SAU of the Republic of Tatarstan. The average yield of dry matter was 2.7-3.6 t / ha.

Variety type "00". The fat content in the seeds is 42,7-47,4%, the content of erucic acid in the oil is 0,1-0,55% , the content of glucosinolates in the meal (extraction cake) is 0.5-0.7%.

The seeds of spring rape “Lipetsk” are in high demand in the Republic of Bashkortostan, Lipetsk, Ulyanovsk and the other areas, indicating the high commercial value of the variety.