Spring rape "Arbalet"

A new promising variety of spring rape has been obtained for the North-Western, Central, Volga-Vyatka, Central Black Earth, Urals and Siberian regions of Eastern Russia, it combines high productivity with high seed quality and resistance to major diseases. Since 2015 it has been included in the State Register of protected varieties and approved for production.

“Arbalet” variety has been created by hybridization of Ratnik 1096 x B. napus varieties.

According to the competitive tests conducted by ARRIR (2007-2012) the new variety of rape gave seed yields of 22.0 c / ha that exceeded the standard index (“Ratnik” variety) by an average of 3.4 t / ha (18.0%) . The yield of green weight averaged 192.3 kg / ha - at the level of the control variant.

The duration of seedling – ripening period of the variety makes up on the average 87 days, that is 3-4 days shorter than the index of “Ratnik” variety.

The fat content in the seeds of this variety is higher if compared to the standard by an average of 1.3% (the oil content of the seeds ranges from 40 to 42%), as for the oil yield, this index is higher than the standard index by 1.49 t / ha. The protein content in the seeds is 24% - at the level of “Ratnik” variety. 1000 seed weight is on average 3.26 g.

Variety type "00". The oil contains practically no erucic acid. (0.07%). The content of glucosinolates in the seed averages 0.64% (14.9 mol / g), “Ratnik” variety has 0.81% (18.9 mol / g). Thus, the biochemical parameters of “Arbalet” variety are more desirable than the standard variant.

The new variety “Arbalet” is slightly affected by Alternaria, downy mildew, Fusarium and Phoma rot, at the level of “Ratnik” variety. It is resistant to lodging. The variety is less susceptible to seed shattering in comparison to the standard.