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Карпачёв Владимир Владимирович награжден медалью «Во славу Липецкой области»
Директор ФГБНУ «ВНИИ рапса» Карпачёв Владимир Владимирович избран член-корреспондентом РАН.
Пресс-тур «Золотая осень – 2016» в ФГБНУ «ВНИИ рапса».
Специалист ФГБНУ ВНИИ рапса принял участие в ежегодной Патентной школе.
ФГБНУ ВНИИ рапса получил золотую медаль на выставке "Золотая Осень - 2016".
Обновлен прайс-лист нашей продукции от 09.12.2016 г.

Welcome to the official website of the Rapeseed Research Institute!

Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution, All-Russian Rapeseed Research Institute is the leading agency for the scientific support of rapeseed production in the Russian Federation, which is the development of high-yielding varieties and hybrids of rape with the seed processing products of higher quality, the development of advanced rapeseed cultivation technologies for different areas of the country; it also includes working in the spheres of primary and elite seed farming; scientific achievements marketing, advertising and promotions.

The oil brassica varieties developed by All-Russian Rapeseed Research Institute are included into the State Register of breeding achievements, tested in production, enabling the fulfillment of their high potential in different soil and climatic conditions.

All-Russian Rapeseed Research Institute sells high-quality seeds of different varieties of spring rape, colza and winter cress, white mustard and the other of agricultural crops; proposes introducing resource-saving technologies of oilseed brassica crops cultivation; conducts chemical analyzes to determine the oil content, fatty acid composition, glucosinolate content, humidity level and variety of oil brassica crops, as well as protein and grain gluten.